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F.a.q. - Men's Health

Armur Medical - Men's Health

Erectile Dysfunction

ED stands for Erectile Dysfunction.  ED is a medical condition where a man has difficulty getting or sustaining an erection that is adequate enough to able to have sexual intercourse.  Men of all ages experience ED and most cases are treatable.

Simply call Armur Medical and talk to your private physician.  They will discuss your case with you and treat you accordingly.

There are many factors that can cause ED.  The number one cause across all ages is stress and relationship problems.  Other causes include:

-Not optimizing your hormone levels


-High blood pressure


-Tobacco/alcohol and other substance abuse

-Neurological disorders, multiple sclerosis,

-Other medications, ie some high blood pressure, psychiatric medications

-Prior surgeries ie prostate, abdominal, rectal or bladder.

-Abnormal lipid/cholesterol levels

Services include integrative exam services and health data services. 

Integrative Exam Services: 

  • An Integrative exam is a routine comprehensive hormonal health-based pre-condition diagnostic evaluation and diagnosis physical exam, detached from medical condition or necessity, with follow-up abbreviated Integrative Exams. 
  •  For Example, integrative exams for hormone optimization alternatives


Integrative Exams are not designed to constitute primary care.

They integrate the following: 

      • Optimizing health
      • Hormone Optimization
      • Improving energy and focus
      • Assisting with pain management
      • Promoting weight management via diet and nutrition-based goals
      • Creating and guiding fitness and lifestyle goals
      • Slowing down to the extent feasible the aging process and maintaining vitality
      • Improving overall health awareness and equipping patient with enhanced health education.

Health Data Services:

      • Designed to improve patient’s integrative exam-based electronic communication

Medical information stored and allow patients to retrieve information

  1. Anyone concerned with improving their health
  2. Men & women interested in optimizing their hormones ie testosterone and post-menopausal changes.
  3. An individual or family who has no insurance
  4. An Individual or family that only can afford a catastrophic Insurance policy.
  5. Any individual or family that is concerned about saving money
  6. Small business owners that cannot afford insurance for their employees.

You can find out more information on our Membership Page

Remember space is limited and we are limiting our members on a first come first served basis to allow more time with each patient.  

Armur Medical is a membership or subscription-based insurance.   This is a health care model that allows for patients to have extraordinary access and care for a monthly fee.  We do not take 3rd party insurance however we do take medicare.

Yes, you can submit your bill to your insurance for billing. 

Most membership/subscription based medical companies are priced from $100/month upwards to $2500/month for the most elite services.  We are happy to offer our complete services to individuals and their immediate families for only $99/month. There are no deductibles or co-pays that you ever have to pay unless you are part of Medicare.  Membership models have been shown to reduce the number of ER visits and help reduce your medical costs as you are able to discuss your case with your board-certified physician any time.  At Armur Medical we believe in bringing affordable healthcare to you when YOU need it.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a common occurrence and is characterized by ejaculating sooner during sexual intercourse than he or his partner would like.  Those who suffer from PE become overstimulated and this overstimulation results in an ejaculation that occurs too quickly.

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a condition that studies indicate up to 30-40% of men experience. 

There are a number of options available for those who desire to prolong intimacy.  There are manipulative techniques that have success rates.  There are also multiple gels and creams that have excellent results.  In addition to these, there are also oral medications that have been proven successful.  

Many of these medications and techniques work immediately.  Some oral medications may take 2-3 weeks to have their full effect. 

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