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Armur Medical is an online and in-person health care service staffed by board certified family physicians who will treat many of your medical conditions.  All of our physicians specialize in Hormone Optimization for men and women and are certified in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Armur Medical treats varied conditions including family health, urgent care, men and women’s health, LGBTQ+, pain and multiple other areas.

A personal online doctor is a physician that is able to treat many medical concerns online through the use of video or telephone. Our physicians are Board Certified Family Physicians.  These personal online doctors are physician’s that are committed to treating their patients with unparalleled commitment.  Normally they only take a limited number of patients so they have more time to spend with each of them.  They are available 24/7/365 to their patients when they need their medical expertise.   This all helps to build a more personal, satisfying relationship with their doctor.

One main difference with Armur Medical is you will always have the same doctor. Just think, you will not have to explain your medical condition or what you struggle with medically over and over again.  You will have a relationship with your doctor and he will know your history.  This facilitates better care. Your costs are minimized because all you pay for is one membership and your immediate family is included in this rate.  You save money immediately.  You also have your doctors private cell number where he is available to you 24/7/365 in most cases.

Services include integrative exam services and health data services. 

Integrative Exam Services: 

  • An Integrative exam is a routine comprehensive hormonal health-based pre-condition diagnostic evaluation and diagnosis physical exam, detached from medical condition or necessity, with follow-up abbreviated Integrative Exams. 
  •  For Example, integrative exams for hormone optimization alternatives


Integrative Exams are not designed to constitute primary care.

They integrate the following: 

      • Optimizing health
      • Hormone Optimization
      • Improving energy and focus
      • Assisting with pain management
      • Promoting weight management via diet and nutrition-based goals
      • Creating and guiding fitness and lifestyle goals
      • Slowing down to the extent feasible the aging process and maintaining vitality
      • Improving overall health awareness and equipping patient with enhanced health education.

Health Data Services:

      • Designed to improve patient’s integrative exam-based electronic communication

Medical information stored and allow patients to retrieve information

  1. Anyone concerned with improving their health
  2. Men & women interested in optimizing their hormones ie testosterone and post-menopausal changes.
  3. An individual or family who has no insurance
  4. An Individual or family that only can afford a catastrophic Insurance policy.
  5. Any individual or family that is concerned about saving money
  6. Small business owners that cannot afford insurance for their employees.

You can find out more information on our Membership Page

Remember space is limited and we are limiting our members on a first come first served basis to allow more time with each patient.  

Armur Medical is a membership or subscription-based insurance.   This is a health care model that allows for patients to have extraordinary access and care for a monthly fee.  We do not take 3rd party insurance however we do take medicare.

Yes, you can submit your bill to your insurance for billing. 

Most membership/subscription based medical companies are priced from $100/month upwards to $2500/month for the most elite services.  We are happy to offer our complete services to individuals and their immediate families for only $99/month. There are no deductibles or co-pays that you ever have to pay unless you are part of Medicare.  Membership models have been shown to reduce the number of ER visits and help reduce your medical costs as you are able to discuss your case with your board-certified physician any time.  At Armur Medical we believe in bringing affordable healthcare to you when YOU need it.

Yes! Your HSA/FSA have certain requirements for medical use but health related services are covered. Your HSA/FSA can be used. Different plans will have requirements so check with them to verify prior to using.

Simply notify us.  It’s as easy as that.

Prescriptions are sent to your local pharmacy or what ever pharmacy you choose. This makes it easy if you are traveling or on vacation.  We also work with pharmacies that will provide a mail-order service.  With the advent of many prescription savings services like GoodRx and SingleCare most times it is more affordable to pick your prescriptions up immediately at your local pharmacy.

Armur Medical has contracts with national labs like LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics to make your lab draws much easier. We simply order the labs and they will be sent directly to us when completed. We will then notify you, like your regular doctor does, because we are your regular doctor.

When you enroll in Armur Medical you will always have your same physician. Studies show that when you know your doctor you feel more confident in your healthcare experience.  Whether you are being seen for Urgent Care, Primary Care or for Bioidentical Hormones, knowing and having dealt with your physician previously only makes this process easier.

Simply enroll.  Click HERE.  You will be asked to schedule a time to talk to Armur Medical.  You will then be asked to fill out your private, confidential medical history and other essential medical forms.  It’s that easy.

YES!  That’s what having a private physician is for.  You will have our cell number and you can call for medical attention.  We are here for you when YOU need healthcare.  Membership/subscription direct  medicine has been shown to reduce the number of ER visits and help reduce your cost as you have your Board Certified Physician that you can discuss your case with. 

At Armur Medical we take your healthcare very seriously.  There are times when you may need to see a physician in person.  The vast majority of times it is not essential that you be seen in person.  There are many conditions that we will be able to treat either online through video or over the phone.  We will treat you effectively and quickly so you can get on with the rest of your day. 

Once enrolled you simply call the number to talk to your private doctor.

Yes you can.  There are many types of health care coverage.  Many people save money by having a lower cost high deductible catastrophic health care plan and supplement it with a membership-based coverage like Armur Medical.  They can save large amounts of money, reduce visits to the emergency room and stay healthy. Armur Medical does take Medicare and is a Medicare compliant organization.  We do not accept 3rd party insurance. 

Today healthy people typically have a higher deductible catastrophic policy that saves them money.  Coupling this type of high-deductible policy with a membership-based concierge type plan saves people up to thousands of dollars a year. Even 1 visit to urgent care or the emergency room can cost you in excess of $5,000.  Having your own personal physician who can discuss your case, prescribe medication for you can save even a healthy person thousands of dollars.

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