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Armur Medical is a medical group specializing in optimizing men and women’s hormones consisting of testosterone replacement therapy for men and pre- and post-menopausal hormones for women.  This also includes medical care associated with the prescribing of these hormones. 

We utilize a membership model at Armur Medical.  We intentionally do not accept insurance as this allows our members to save money on their care. Your membership will allow you to work with your designated physician to optimize your hormones to live your best life with energy and vitality.  There is never a co-pay and the best part is that your membership entitles you to consult with your personal physician when you need answers to your health questions.  You can feel free to use our services as much as you need. It is convenient, time-saving and most of all affordable. 

If you travel for work or vacation, you always have access to your private, online physician. We are just one call away.

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