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All of our physicians are certified in Bioidentical Hormones for both men and women.  At Armur Medical we work with our patients to promote healthy living and hormones are an integral part of this.  Optimizing particular hormones have improved the lives of many of our patients. One essential part of optimizing a person’s hormones is understanding that a normal lab value for a specific hormone does not necessarily mean you are optimized.  Many men and women have normal lab values but still have symptoms of hormone deficiency.  Normal does NOT mean optimal!

Armur Medical only prescribes Bioidentical Hormones.  Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is safe, effective and utilizes hormones that have the exact molecular structure as the hormone that is made in a person’s body. We don’t use hormones made from horse urine or horse estrogen.

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The exact hormone a person needs depends on their sex, age and history.  We have great deal of experience working with testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, thyroid and other hormones.   Armur Medical is committed to assisting you in your journey of optimizing your hormones where you actually notice the difference.

Bioidentical hormones are simply a necessity.  There is no reason to feel weak, tired, irritable or fatigued with a low libido and difficulty sleeping.  Bioidentical hormones are affordable for everyone.  If you don’t have time to come into our office, we can see you online or through an interactive telemedical video call.  Most of all this can be done on YOUR schedule! 

At Armur Medical we would be happy to help you overcome these symptoms.  Click here to schedule a confidential, discreet appointment with a board-certified physician certified in BHRT.

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