About Armur Medical

Armur Medical is a medical service that is focused on health care rather than sick care. Dr. Guy Domm is board-certified in family medicine and certified in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Our goal is to help you prevent illness and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Armur Medical specializes in 6 specific areas:



Men over 45 with low testosterone


Between 1-3% yearly loss of testosterone after age 30


Average cost of labs


Monthly treatment fee (Prescriptions not included)


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Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical Hormones for both men and women

Men's Health

Get help with hormone therapy or with isues like erectile dysfunction, sexual concerns and / or prostate issues.

Women's Health

Get help with issues related to menopause and / or hormone deficiencies.

Testosterone Therapy

Get help with symptoms such as fatigue, decreased stamina, lower libido, weight gain, etc.

Thyroid Treatment

Upwards of 40% of people have signs and symptoms of thyroid dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction

The root cause of Erectile Dysfunction is multi-factoral with many treatment options available.

Male Hormone Checkup: How Deficient Are You?

When you take this quiz, you’ll get a free report that outlines YOUR Hormone Deficiency Level.


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