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immediate Medical Care


immediate Medical Care


immediate Medical Care

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  • Decreased Energy Levels?
  • Decreased Libido?
  • Increased Weight Gain?


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1. Schedule Online Complimentary Appointment
Simply call 1-800-735-0474 and schedule an online appointment with a board certified hormone specialist.

2. Customized Hormone program 
A hormone physician will customize a unique hormone program for you and will help you optimize your hormone levels. Your energy and vitality will likely improve to previous levels.

3. Medications available for same day pick up.
We could make you wait for your medications for 2-4 days by mail, but why? We send your medications to your pharmacy of choice, where they will be available for same day pick up. We strive to ensure cost savings for you at every step. You will be surprised how much we can save you on your medications!

4. Follow-up medical care
Your Armur Medical physician is available for continued ongoing medical care.  All included in your membership!

• This program saves you money.
• No worries about your deductible being met.
• There are no contracts, co-pays or hidden fees.
• Only $99/month.
• We accept HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account).

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