Men's Health

Men have special health concerns not only with hormones but also with issues like erectile dysfunction, sexual concerns and prostate issues. Most of these issues do not need a physical in-person visit. Most physicians find it increasingly difficult to get men to come into their office for medical care. The fact is, men just don't like going to the doctor. Most men would rather talk with their own personal physician whom they trust via a tele-medicine call over going in to their office. We have found men get better health care results when we can help them via a video or phone call. When all of this happens on their own schedule, we see compliance and satisfaction soar. This means better results and their overall health improves. This is our goal!

At Armur Medical we believe each man is in charge of their health care experience. We are small enough to be flexible with our patients wishes and yet large enough to get our patients access to what they need. As men age, they have special concerns. We are not shy about discussing these topics with our patients. No questions are off limits and we encourage patients to educate themselves on various topics.

At Armur Medical we see men who are motivated to live their best lives, and we're here to help them do that! If you have experienced some of these symptoms, please call the number below to speak with a team member.

Male Hormone Checkup: How Deficient Are You?

When you take this quiz, you’ll get a free report that outlines YOUR Hormone Deficiency Level.