Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a serious and sensitive issue. Most times the root cause of ED is multi-factorial meaning there is not just one cause. Many times, men want a quick fix and ask for the “lil blue or yellow pill.” Without finding the root cause of ED, physicians do their patients a disservice. There are many treatment options for men with ED. Finding and fixing the root cause is imperative to successful long-term treatment.

Optimizing a man’s hormones is critical for long-term treatment success. Increasing a man’s testosterone is one of the best treatment methods for erectile dysfunction. When a man’s testosterone level is low or in the low-normal range, erections are frequently slow to occur and softer. Early morning erections are a general sign of erectile health. When a man doesn’t experience any or few morning erections this is a general sign of low testosterone. Optimizing a man’s testosterone levels will help restore his erectile health.

The best and often overlooked treatment option for ED is lifestyle modifications. This includes losing weight, exercising, cutting out alcohol and drug use. This solution unfortunately isn’t real popular; however, is highly effective. Many men want the pills, creams and injections which at times are a quick fix. They are of course extremely effective but can be costly and sometimes treats only the symptom and not the root problem.

At Armur Medical we are committed to helping men in the treatment of ED. We take this sensitive issue seriously and will work with our patients to help resolve these issues. Optimizing a man’s hormones is key to long term success for ED treatment. If you would like to schedule a confidential, discreet appointment, please call the number below to speak with a team member.