What our clients have to say…

"I was not sick, I was hurting! I was tired of my poor health and physical appearance. I have tried every diet you can imagine and nothing has worked. On July 23,2023 I talked with the medical staff of Armur medical. Dr. G looked over my labs with precision and put me on the path to better physical health. I never imagined with this program I would drop 30lb and gain energy that I was lacking to perform my daily tasks. No Doctor had taken the time and cared enough about me to find out what my body was lacking. Can’t wait to see my body Change in the next 6 months. Thanks Armur Medical."

Josh L.

"Prior to beginning treatment, I would hit a midday slump. My ability to focus at work was greatly impacted. By the time I got home, I had little energy to do anything...no energy for my family or to take care of household tasks. After beginning treatment through Armur Medical, I no longer have those struggles. I have the energy and focus I need to be successful at work and at home. I have energy to spend time with my kids and my wife. I haven't felt this energetic since I was in my early twenties. I highly recommend it."

Jeremy R.

"Armur Medical and Hormone Therapy definitely improved my health and quality of life. I am 62 and was experiencing the all-too-common slow down of all my systems, metabolism, strength, stamina, libido...you name it and it was slowing down. After getting with Dr. Domm and the staff of Armur Medical, I experienced a complete turn around in energy levels, vitality, and stamina for the first time in 20+ years. Thanks to the Armur Medical team, I feel I have a new lease on several important aspects of my life that I had simply thought were just lost to older age. Not so..."

William B.

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