Do Testosterone Boosters Work?


The latest craze in health and fitness news is the onslaught of testosterone boosters. You cannot turn on the television or go onto social media without seeing one of these ads or videos promising to increase your testosterone. These claims are rampant and appear on every media platform including magazines and even billboards. They imply that if men use their products, they will be the ultimate male specimen with rock-hard abs and a libido that never ceases. Do these products work? Or are they simply touting false claims and misrepresenting the facts. If they work, how well do they work? These questions need to be answered.

I spent hours going through websites of the top testosterone booster products. They all had great graphics, some even had music and lots of enthusiastic speakers selling their products as the best. These sites and people on them all mentioned the same thing. Beware of products with fillers, products that don’t have quality materials, and those with sub-therapeutic levels of ingredients to mention a few. They also tout their products with breakthrough claims where the man will “Gain explosive strength,” “Enhance his Vitality,” and “Skyrocket his libido. “But do they work?


They all claim to boost a man’s masculinity to unheard-of heights. The truth is very hard to gather from these websites. I scrounged these sites and noticed one common theme. They all indicate they have double-blinded placebo-controlled studies with “great results.” The main statistic I was looking for was what was the increase in testosterone, including free and total. I couldn’t find this on any of their sites. They mentioned satisfaction and increase in energy and libido statistics but no actual blood-drawn testosterone levels statistics. This doesn’t mean they don’t have them, but why isn’t this statistic more visible on their sites? A testosterone booster should boost natural testosterone levels and one would think this statistic would be vital to consumers.

What some of these sites do is report what the increase in testosterone is with each component they use in their formulation, NOT in their actual product. This is what was reported on one such site that increased testosterone by 40%. [1] This was what was one study reported with ashwagandha; however, not their entire supplement. Many boosters use ashwagandha but from a scientific perspective you cannot make the leap and add up the increase in testosterone from all the ingredients. Even if a booster increases testosterone by 40% which looks good on paper what are the ramifications of this?

Just the facts, Ma’am

I am a physician, and I like facts. These are the facts. Do testosterone boosters work? The short answer is yes. They do increase your testosterone but there are more factors involved. If a person has low or even low-normal testosterone this number is likely around 300 ng/dl. The normal range for testosterone is roughly 300-1000 ng/dl. If a man’s testosterone is 300 ng/dl it would be categorized in the low normal range. This is where many men over 40 years old are. If this person would use a testosterone booster and even if the booster he used increased his testosterone an amazing 50%, his testosterone would still only be 450 ng/dl. This STILL would be considered low-normal. Even a 100% testosterone booster (which doesn’t exist) would give this person a testosterone level of 600 ng/dl. This is better but even with this level, this person could also be complaining of all the signs and symptoms of low testosterone. This would include low energy, loss of libido, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, and increase body fat. Even with great testosterone boosting capabilities you still don’t reach the point of optimizing your testosterone to desirable levels.

This is similar to when your car needs 5 quarts of oil to run effectively. Currently, your car only contains 1 quart of oil and is low. You decide to add one more quart of oil. You have added oil, but you are still 3 quarts low. This will damage your car’s engine. This is how it is when you take a testosterone booster. You may increase your testosterone by 30% but you never get to your desired goal or your optimal level. Regardless of our age, we need to OPTIMIZE our hormone levels. Testosterone Boosters cannot boost your testosterone enough to optimize your levels. Remember that.

Actual Bio-identical Testosterone is safe, affordable, and GUARANTEES you get to your optimal level. It will increase your Free and Total Testosterone levels to the medically appropriate level. Bioidentical testosterone will get you to your goal. These results give you the ACTUAL benefits you need and want. Additionally; you are not paying for expensive testosterone boosters that claim great benefits but only deliver minimal results. These are the facts.



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