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Most of us have heard stories about when doctors once made house calls. We listened to those stories with our 21st-century minds wondering “who would ever do that?” Those days seem quite hard to imagine given how our healthcare hospitals and clinics currently function. Here they are treated as if they are on a medical conveyor belt slowly propelled through each department to get registered, labs, vitals, and imaging. Then once all of this is done, they finally receive their care in a sterile environment devoid of much humanity. This care is far from the heartfelt stories we used to hear about how doctors took a personal role in our healthcare. The days when your family doctor comes to your house to make a house call have been over for decades, or have they?

A new age of doctors are on the scene and have been practicing for over 20 years. These doctors have brought back many popular aspects of medicine from the past. Many make house calls and treat patients at their homes or wherever they may be. They spend more time with each patient and bring humanity back to the doctor-patient relationship. Today, people are busier than ever before and are looking for healthcare solutions that fit THEIR schedules and on THEIR timetables. The doctors that accomplish this feat are called Private Doctors.

Private doctors have been around since 1996. Yes, they make house calls but in the last few years with the upsurge in technology doctors are incorporating telemedicine platforms to revisit the past of making personal house calls. Some still show up at your door; however, others show up on video or via a phone call. Either way, they are making house calls. “Private doctors can lavish this kind of attention on each individual because they limit the number of patients they accept. The average medical practice has between 2,000 and 3,000 patients and sees as many as 40 patients a day. A private practice generally takes on only between 200 and 600 patients and sees fewer than 8 patients per day.” [1] The reduced workload allows these doctors to pay more attention to their patient population base.

1. Private Benefits

There are many benefits you get when you work with a private doctor. These are the reasons Private Medicine has been exploding in popularity in recent years. They are affordable for every income level and offer many conveniences for individuals and families. They will make your life easier in many ways.

2. ArticlesInstant Access to Care

One of the most inviting aspects of private medicine is its ability to improve your access to healthcare. Today, people lead very busy lives. When you need to see a doctor, you need to see them now! Not when their office can fit you into their busy schedule. The main benefit of having a private doctor is instant access to your doctor. Having their personal cell number ensures that you get your healthcare when YOU need it. This level of access is a benefit that is available to you 24/7/365. Your instant access to care means you and your family are protected.

3. Treats most all diseases

Your private doctor typically treats most all disease states. If you are a man or woman, with or without a spouse or children you will want to be treated by a private doctor. If you require a specialist, like any other physician they will make a referral for you. The nice thing with private medicine is that since you are able to see your doctor sooner. This means your referral and the subsequent specialist visit will likely also occur sooner. Your private doctor will treat any medical condition other physicians treat, but with the privacy and simplicity that you desire.

4. Saves You Time

Google how long it takes you to see a primary care doctor. The answer will likely surprise you. The average time to see your primary care doctor is between 18 and 30 days with an average of 24 DAYS! [2] Once you get in the doctor’s office it can take you up to 30-45 minutes to be seen. The top complaint patients have concerning their doctors is “My doctor makes me wait: He acts like his time is more important than my time.” [3] Private doctors typically have a lower number of patients and can spend more time with their patients. When you utilize a private doctor you take the time element back. You don’t wait in line; you have your doctor on speed dial and your time becomes your own again. This saves you time and money. You then spend your time the way you want.

5. Saves You Money

Having a private doctor can save you money and lower your overall healthcare costs. In recent years, medical insurance has become extremely costly. Many people are buying catastrophic insurance policies and supplementing their policy with a private doctor. In some cases, this is the only way they can afford coverage. They benefit and save money from the lower deductibles and premiums of a catastrophic policy and use part of that savings to enroll with a private doctor. Overall; they can save thousands of dollars each year.

There are many different insurance plans available to people. Some plans share the cost of medical expenses. These plans many times will have a large dollar deductible per occurrence up to a yearly amount. One of these plans for example will have a $500 per occurrence cost to the patient and maybe a $5000 per year deductible. These patients will then employ a private doctor to defray the costs of each of these occurrences and yearly deductibles.

Imagine a single mother with 3 kids who cannot afford any medical insurance. Many of them have utilized a private doctor who for a nominal fee will provide medical care to this family. The advent of technology and digital healthcare have made medical services affordable to many who ordinarily would not have had access to medical care. Also, imagine a single individual or a married couple with 2-3 children. They may all have health insurance but with busy schedules and co-pays for each individual they can actually save money by employing a private doctor.

6. Makes Your Life is Easier

Many people hate going to the doctor. Their blood pressure actually goes up just thinking about it. There is a medical term associated with this. Whitecoat hypertension is an elevated blood pressure only because the person is at the doctor’s office. When one has access to their private doctor it makes their health care decisions easier. You have a doctor on call who will help you make the best health care decisions for your situation. Your life is easier when you are not obligated to schedule an appointment, show up, wait, possibly get rebooked but can simply talk with your doctor online or on the phone. This type of relationship between yourself and your doctor results in a healthier more satisfied patient.

7. Added Privacy

Having a private doctor heightens your medical privacy. When you see a physician in a regular medical setting, you are exposed to several people including nurses, staff, lab people, and many others. This exposure is reduced by a private doctor. Privacy is of utmost importance to you and to your private doctor. The reasons you see a physician are most times personal and private. Utilizing a private doctor, you minimize exposure of your medical concerns. Your medical care should be between you and your doctor, not between you, your doctor, nurses, office staff, and many other people. Having a private doctor will ultimately add privacy to your medical care.

8. Traveling or on Vacation

Private doctors are available 24/7/365 to their patients. “Patients have their doctors cell phone numbers, and they’re always ready to drop all else to tend to them whenever they need.” [4] Today, many people travel for their jobs, have large territories, and work many different hours and places. This means whether they are on vacation, traveling, or relaxing at home, they can be assured that if they need medical care, they can get it as easily as dialing a number.

9. Help you PREVENT illness

When you have a doctor that spends more time with you they are more inclined to give more attention to your overall healthcare. This means treating conditions before they become full-blown. Many specialize in preventative care. This means you will get the medical advice and knowledge you need to make the best decision that is right for you. By addressing concerns immediately, the result will be prevented illnesses.

10. Unlimited number of visits.

When you enroll with a private doctor you not only have access to your doctor but you also have an unlimited number of visits.[5] When a medical concern arises you simply call. You don’t call the clinic, schedule an appointment, wait 24 days, you simply call. If your condition worsens, you call again. The relationship you develop with your private doctor fosters a closer connection and results in better management of your healthcare needs.

11. Human Element

When you see a private doctor the human element is returned to your doctor’s appointment. Most patients desire their physicians to spend more time with them during their appointments. During this time, physicians can take the time, explain their medical conditions more fully, and answer any of their questions. This results in putting their patients at ease. This builds confidence in their physician. It should come as no surprise, then, that the number of Americans signing up for personalized medical services, often known as either private or direct primary care (DPC), is surging. [6]


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